What is Nearshore?

Nearshore is a form of outsourcing that refers to services delivered from an adjacent or nearby location.

The Nearshore concept started to gain real momentum in 2002 as the Mexican government began marketing the idea within the United States. As a result, the world now defines Nearshore as delegating outsourcing business processes and technology support to companies in a nearby country—primarily US companies partnering with Canadian and Mexican companies and Western European countries partnering with Eastern European Countries.

Why, Global Nearshore?

Intensified by the pandemic, the enterprise continues to expedite intelligent enterprise fitness. As a result, the demand for specialized IT, software development, and analytics technology partners will continue to rise. For this reason, technology and business leaders will continue to reevaluate their technology partnerships and look for future-fit partners that can help organizations quickly scale.

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As remote work normalization continues, organizations have rediscovered; agile teams are more productive and reach higher maturity levels when they share common time-zones, have real-time communication, and have a strong cultural alignment.

Fun Facts

Softtek coined the term Nearshore in 1997, the year we began working with our first US clients outside of the domestic Mexican market. As an alternative to “offshore,” “Nearshore” quickly emerged as a popular right-fit model for partnering with a third party to manage IT operations from a remote location at a lower cost without sacrificing quality and has become the underpinning of Softtek’s success for 23 years.

Softtek’s Global Nearshore Benefits

The main advantages of Nearshore can be summarized into the following main benefits:


Proximity and time zone alignment

Nearshore cultural affinity

Cultural affinity and ease of doing business

Cost reduction due to Nearshore

Cost reduction

Higher productivity

Higher productivity and faster time to market


US-based product owners and stakeholders

Real time collaboration

Real-time collaboration when an onsite partnership is not possible

Outstanding talent

Outstanding talent, with the most robust capabilities, from Mexico + LATAM

Nearshore vs. Offshore

Although Nearshore rates are similar to offshore, the overall cost of Nearshore engagements can be offset by the efficiency gains that working close to the US and in the same time zone can bring to agile teams and software development practices. Read on for an industry perspective on Nearshore.

Perspectives on Nearshore


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Nearshore and onshore are ever more important in an agile world – which puts Mexican-based firm Softtek in prime position to leverage the latest business trend.
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Softtek is a good candidate for agile-enabled developments, particularly for enterprises that require a higher onshore or Nearshore presence.
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