What is Nearshore?

near•shore ['nirˌ'shȯr]

1. Form of outsourcing that refers to services delivered from an adjacent or nearby location.

The nearshore concept started to gain real momentum in 2002 as the Mexican government began marketing the idea within the United States. With time, the world has come to define nearshore as delegating outsourcing business processes and technology support to companies in a nearby country—primarily US companies partnering with Canadian and Mexican companies and Western European countries partnering with Eastern European countries.

Share the Sun
One Team.
One Purpose.

As remote work normalization continues, organizations have rediscovered agile teams are more productive and reach higher maturity levels when they share common time-zones, have real-time communication, and have a strong cultural alignment. Simply put, agile teams get more done when they share the sun.

Strong Cultural Alignment.
Sourcing Strategy
Ease of Doing
Lower Total Cost
of Engagement.
Time Zone Alignment.
Geographic Proximity
Complements Agile and SDLC Practices.

Why Global Nearshore?

Amidst the most disruptive time in modern history and intensified by the pandemic, the enterprise continues to expedite intelligent enterprise fitness. As a result, the demand for specialized IT, software development, and analytics technology partners will continue to rise. For this reason, technology and business leaders will continue to reevaluate their technology partnerships and look for future-fit partners that can help their organizations quickly scale.

Nearshore Agility at Scale

In 2021, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations large and small have proved distributed agile teams can successfully operate at peak maturity when certain conditions are met. Specifically, distributed agile teams can thrive when they share similar time zones to enable real-time, albeit remote, communication.



Fun Fact

Softtek coined the term Nearshore in 1997— the year it began working with its first US clients outside of the domestic Mexican market— and has become the underpinning of Softtek’s success for 25 years. As an alternative to “offshore,” “nearshore” quickly emerged as a popular right-fit model for partnering with a third party to manage IT operations from a remote location, with high value, without sacrificing quality.



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