Nearshore Application Management Services

Drive portfolio-wide efficiencies
and continuous optimization.

Nearshore Application Management Services

Drive portfolio-wide efficiencies and continuous optimization. 

What we offer

Stabilize your application portfolio and drive sustained growth with expert nearshore AMS talent and next-gen technological practices. Our approach prioritizes continuous cost optimization and process excellence, infusing AI and strategic automation into our service to ensure high-quality, repeatable outcomes.

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Managed application services

AMS Consulting & Cost Optimization
Analyze and optimize your AMS operations using our advanced Right-Value model. We focus on modernizing frameworks, reducing operational costs, and enhancing performance for a scalable, efficient AMS solution that aligns with evolving business and tech trends.

Support & Maintenance
Round-the-clock application support and proactive maintenance. This includes managing incidents, fulfilling user requests, remediating technical debt, and tuning databases to ensure applications are reliable, efficient, and continuously optimized.

Application transformation services

Modernization & Enhancement
Upgrade and enhance your application portfolio for seamless integration into modern digital environments. We focus on cloud adaptability, regulatory compliance, and strategic automation and self-service capabilities to boost productivity and streamline operations.

Application security and monitoring

Advanced monitoring
Go beyond traditional dashboards by mapping your portfolio to core business processes and adding infrastructure dependencies. Achieve real-time visibility and operational intelligence across business, functional, and application layers, enhancing performance and reducing operational impacts.

Secure your applications with robust practices integrated within a DevSecOps framework. Continuously monitor for emerging threats including ransomware, ensuring proactive defense and secure operations.

Five benefits of nearshore AMS 

  • Customized expertise for specialized needs: Nearshore AMS excels in providing the right skills and resources for specific challenges. By integrating specialized expertise directly into existing teams or offering comprehensive managed services, providers ensure that clients can dynamically scale key capabilities, adapting swiftly to changing business demands.

  • Innovation as a service: A commitment to continual innovation sets the benchmark in nearshore AMS. By exploring emerging technologies and process improvements, providers can work closely with clients to weave new capabilities into service delivery. This safeguards businesses from technological obsolescence and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Service health and cost: By employing technologies like advanced analytics and machine learning, providers can enable automation and AI-driven processes to predict disruptions and facilitate self-healing systems. This reduces downtime and operational risk while driving significant cost efficiencies.
  • Robust security and compliance posture: Emphasizing strong security measures and strict compliance with international standards is essential for protecting sensitive data and systems. The proximity of nearshore AMS facilitates more effective oversight and quicker responses to security threats, keeping client applications secure and compliant with the latest protocols. 

  • Seamless integration and collaborative excellence: Nearshore proximity accelerates team integration and optimizes workflows and decision-making throughout the engagement. This efficiency boosts the entire application lifecycle and ensures deeper business alignment, fostering long-term partnerships and driving sustained value.  

Why choose Softtek?

Scale application maturity

Gain a 360-degree view to support core business processes and drive business value enablement.

Integrate with modern methodologies

Blend AMS with Lean-Agile and DevOps principles to foster a culture of continuous delivery and improvement.

Harness intelligent automation

Empower users and promote continuous improvement with automation and AI-embedded processes.

Achieve robust governance

Establish a strong operational foundation with Softtek’s governance platform, integrated with ServiceNow and other leading ITOM platforms.

Prioritize outcomes

We pioneered and proved the value of outcome-based distributed Agile delivery following ITIL, Cobit, Six Sigma, and other practices to make applications operate flawlessly.

Achieve up to



immediate OpEx




incident reduction

in first year



of tickets automated, generating 7% annual productivity gains



cycle time




year over year continuous improvement savings



immediate OpEx savings


incident reduction in first year


of tickets automated, generating 7% annual productivity gains


cycle time improvement


year over year continuous improvement savings

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